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Safe Skimmer/Day Electronic Lock

Code: 895534
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When easy clearing of tills during your trading day is required Made in New Zealand this Challenger Day Safe is usually mounted close to your front of house tills to allow staff to skim off surplus cash bag it and deposit it in this secure unit Shift supervisors managers can then clear the unit as required for banking or securing overnight in the main safe Specifications Weight 21 kgs Volume 11 Litres Height 250mm External 238mm Internal Width 250mm External 238mm Internal Depth 250mm External 200mm Internal Power Requirements Electronic Lock only 9V Duracell or Energizer Features Body 6mm steel Door 10mm steel Deposit Slot 120 x 30mm with anti fish Rebated Door and Hinges Locking Options La Gard Basic Electronic Lock Ross 600 6 Lever Key Lock
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