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Hand Sanitiser MAC Arandell BZK Non Alcohol 5l - 447533

Hand Sanitiser MAC Arandell BZK Non Alcohol 5l

Code: 447533
MAC Arandell Hand Sanitiser is a safe and compliant hospital grade alcohol based hand rub ABHR Clinically tested provides log5 reduction in germs 99 999 efficacy meets BS EN1327 2012 A2 2015 chemical disinfectant and antiseptic for use in the medical area Formulated with 70 v v ethanol and skin conditioning agents MAC Arandell Hand Sanitiser ABHR is ideally suited repetitive application in most professional and healthcare settings Fragrance colour and triclosan free Won t stain no tacky residue Air dries quickly 70 v v ethanol Please note that PPE Personal Protective Equipment and Key Cleaning lines including this product cannot be returned or orders cancelled
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