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Tape Brother TZe251 24mm Black/White

Code: 220409
The Brother TZE251 p touch label can be used in the following Brother label printers PTD600 PTE500 PTE550W PTH500LI PTP700 PTP750W PT330 PT350 PT520 PT530 PT540 PT550 PT580C PT1400 PT1500PC PT1600 PT1650 PT2030VP PT2200 PT2210 PT2300 PT2310 PT2400 PT2410 PT2430PC PT2500PC PT2600 PT2610 PT2700 PT2710 PT2730 PT2730VP PT3600 PT7500 PT7600 PT9200DX PT9200PC PT9400 PT9500PC PT9600 PT9700PC PT9800PCN
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