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Pen Pentel Energel Deluxe 0.7 Bl77C Blue - 100120

Pen Pentel Energel Deluxe 0.7 Bl77C Blue

Code: 100120
The new deluxe energel rollerball pen glides across the page with vivid Liquid Gel Ink Acid free Ideal for left handers as their is no smudging through written lines Features a stylish metallic barrel strong metal tip and thick rubber grip for hours of comfortable writing 1 0mm ball 400m writing distance Refillable uses LR10 refills 50 of the plastic part of the pen body is made from recycled mobile telephones Ultra smooth quick drying ink Comfortable rubber grip Metal pocket clip PVC free Acid free 550m writing distance Retractable Made from 54 recycled materials Sold as Each purchase 12 to receive a box
per EACH
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